Cryptocurrency Investing is no longer a technical hurdle in fact an ordinary individual can’t pass over. How to invest in cryptocurrency in the present day actually can be done by anyone with a mobile device.

What is more is that Cryptocurrency has caught the mainstream attention of the world. Because of the mainstream attention this asset class has been receiving the world has recognized it as a favourable asset for investment. The insane returns with very little investment Cryptocurrency can bring in has caught the curiosity of many people around the world. How to invest in cryptocurrency? Would be a very normal question that would come to the mind of an individual.

Many Investors are put off by the fact that there is too much technical knowledge involved in the investing of Cryptocurrency. It’s a popular misconception by the new investors because there is not much technical portions involved to Invest in Cryptocurrency.

Investing in cryptocurrency

Investing in Cryptocurrency is not as easy as it may seem. Usually when we invest in stocks and real estate or bonds, we know them because they existed as long as we know them to be. To be honest the Cryptocurrency market is only a decade or so old and when compared with the other assets we are aware of its very young.

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies right now on the market. The numbers will grow as the Crypto markets grows. For a new investor it’s like searching for a needle in haystack.

While more and more people are finding out how to invest in cryptocurrency, because their friends said so or relatives are making investments by adding the best cryptocurrency to invest in. It would be a wise decision to do some research to identify the best cryptocurrency to invest.

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest? 

First of all, you should understand that picking a cryptocurrency is not like picking a good stock. Because a stock represents an ownership in a company which has the potential to create profit. Owning a cryptocurrency without learning how to invest in cryptocurrency would be like having ownership of an asset with zero intrinsic value.

So, how will be find the best cryptocurrency to invest? An assets increase/ decrease in price is based on the supply and demand as basic economics suggest us. If there is an increased demand of a particular token/coin because investors see it as best cryptocurrency investment then there would be an increase in price and vice versa.

So, when evaluating the best cryptocurrency investment Its important to study How the supply of the coin/token are valued. By knowing the mechanism of the supply and demand of the token we can get a general idea about the future of the token.

How to invest in Cryptocurrency

A new investor would be excited about How to invest in cryptocurrency and the insane return it would bring in. Investing in Cryptocurrency requires you to know the basics of Cryptocurrency, how it works, why an asset has value and extensive research about the project we are planning to invest. As with anything related to finance and investments there are many scams and pump and dump tokens in the cryptocurrency markets too. Many new investors are having the idea that the Cryptocurrency market is a “Quick rich scheme”, which will give insane returns. If we take the return (ROI- Return on Investment) part, its 100% true but identifying what is the best cryptocurrency to invest, takes research and time.

Investing in Cryptocurrency

If you are looking for opportunities to Invest in Cryptocurrency, then you should have to have your finances in order. We see a lot of new investors come into the market with the hope that past repeats. As an investor you should be focussing on the future not the past. Bitcoin did not have any value 12 years ago, but have rallied giving huge returns to its long-term investors. It does not mean that you can buy bitcoin now and expect the same kind of returns after 10 years.

There are free resources available to learn about Cryptocurrency Investing. Anyone who has the time available can learn them. But for other Investors we present Our ‘Cryptocurrency Investing Masterclass’.


Cryptocurrency Investing Masterclass

Our Cryptocurrency Investing Masterclass would cover all the basics about Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, NFT’s, Defi, Metaverse, CBDC and a lot more. We also discuss about the present Cryptocurrency income tax slab in India. You gain to become a better-informed Investor after attending our session. Having a basic idea about how and when to invest, how to protect your assets and how you can earn passive income with your cryptocurrency are all covered in this Masterclass.

Who is this for?

I would say anyone who wants to make money by learning How to invest in cryptocurrency. Learn from scratch about Fiat money, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Smart Contracts, NFT’s, Defi, Metaverse, CBDC and a lot more.


  • Basic knowledge of Mobile/ laptop with an internet connection.
  • 18 years above of age.
  • No Prior Knowledge or Investment Experience Required
  • An open mind.
  • Motivation to learn.
  • Willingness to take action